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Why You Should Buy A One Bedroom Condo Over a Two Bedroom Condo

Why You Should Buy A One Bedroom Condo Over a Two Bedroom Condo

Two Bedrooms are a Must Right?

Here’s the dilemma:  You found the building of your dreams, but your price range will only get you a luxury One Bedroom condo.  On the other hand, you can get a Two bedroom, which you really need, in a nice suitable high rise condo building in Buckhead.  What to do?

Of course you should go with the two bedroom given you HAVE to HAVE  a second bedroom RIGHT?  But do you really?  Are you needing that second room for an office or for a guest room?  Do you really need an entire room for an office or could you use your laptop at the kitchen table?  How often do your “guests” actually visit?  Should you really sacrifice the building and location you want to be in,  just to have room for out of town guests that visit maybe 3 times a year?

I say NO!  Your guest stay can in the luxury condo building’s guest suites or a hotel room.  The truth is, that if you find a condo building that you really love but feel like you just have to have a place for guests, get creative with spacing and go for the 1 Bedroom in the better condo building!  In fact as more and more people decide to move into smaller spaces, the more creative alternatives for sleeping quarters will be readily available.  Take a minute to see these modern options for turning that empty wall into an instant guest bedroom!  These are NOT our parent’s Murphy Beds of the past.  If you have a blank wall, you have the space!








Not bad right?  Small condo=more creative ways and dual purpose walls/rooms/ect.   Especially when there is usually a substantial price jump from a one bedroom to a two bedroom condo in the building that is more desirable.   I deal with this every day when I am showing condo buyers and they initially think they just HAVE to HAVE a 2 bedroom; that is until they see some of the huge, gorgeous one bedrooms that are on the market in buildings they assumed they could not afford to be in.  Or my empty nester customers that come in and think they just have to have an entire guest room for when their adult college aged children come to visit.

The trend in real estate is moving towards smaller more efficient spaces with exquisite finishes and incredible locations.

Could you do a 1 bedroom instead of a 2 or 3 bedroom condo?  Let me know why or why not?